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Who Do You Hang Out With?

Who Do You Hang Out With?

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Who do you hang out with?

Have you watched Good Will Hunting? The movie starring Matt Damon and the late, great, Robin Williams.

In the movie Will Hunting confides in Robin Williams’ character and says that he listens to Socrates, Michael Angelo, and Plato. Robin Williams replies with… and I’m paraphrasing; Continue reading Who Do You Hang Out With?

Want a better invite script?

Want a Better Invite Script?

Would you like a better inviting strategy to get 80% of prospects to show up excited to your business opportunity?

You would like prospects excited for what you have to say?

One of the key components necessary to develop to be an effective marketer, recruiter, promoter, product salesperson, and business builder is the art of inviting.

Too many times I see people trained in the improper way to invite which is costing then lots of time and sales. Continue reading Want a Better Invite Script?

Blackbelt Recruiting for Network Marketing

One lesson from my martial arts background that’s made a huge difference in my recruiting is:

The Importance of FOCUS!


Robert Kiyosaki talks about it in his Rich Dad Poor Dad books as an acronym;

In martial arts, lack of focus can get you a broken nose (or worse). In your business, lack of focus (probably) won’t get you a bloody nose, but it may leave your recruiting lying flat on the floor.

It’s hard to build a massive team that way in network marketing.

It’s a week into 2017 and if you don’t already have a battle plan for taking your business to the next level…stop everything & do that right now. This short video will get you started.

I learned the importance of having a plan & mastering the NECESSARY SKILLS during my martial arts days… not only for martial arts but for also building a business. The one thing you must have as a is FOCUS!


The One Thing You Must Have is FOCUS!


Focus is Critical to Success in Network Marketing

Now, I know a lot of business owners start off with such a long list of things to learn
& actions to take. For many it’s hard to know where to focus first.

The good news is, if you use a “blueprint” to build your recruiting, you’ll know exactly when
& where to direct your focus:

Doing market research to identify your target audience
Creating a lead funnel from that audience
Connecting with those people
Closing new team members (or what we like to say… order taking)

It’s an ART….
(Like having a black belt in recruiting.)

“Awesome Greg, but I’ve never heard my sponsor mention these skills. How can I learn them?”

Great question. There actually IS a “business blueprint” that shows you these exact steps, in the right order, to take your recruiting to the next level. Not just to the next level, but to new heights.

You can get the details here.
Attention Network Marketer

Stay focused. Watch the video. TAKE ACTION!

Grab Your Pickax & Frying Pan: Let’s Go Prospecting

No, I’m not talking about the California Gold Rush…I’m talking about prospecting for new team members. Holidays are a great time to recruit new people into your business:

* People are looking to spend money
* They’re looking for solutions to their challenges
* They know those holiday credit card bills arrive mid-January

“How do I find these ‘gold nugget’ prospects for my business?” Continue reading Grab Your Pickax & Frying Pan: Let’s Go Prospecting

Do We Really Have a Better Way?

I may say something that will offend some of the leaders in our industry.

There are people forcing crap on people who don’t want or need what we have… that’s NOT SALES!

Selling and business is not about making people buy my stuff. It’s about helping people with their wants, needs, desires, and helping them improve the quality of their life. When you help people solve problems, you get paid. That’s SALES!

When You Help People Solve Problems, You Get Paid!

Continue reading Do We Really Have a Better Way?

The One Thing Holding You Back

The One Thing That Holds Most People Back

I just had a conversation earlier this week with one of our students who generated over 137,000 in less than 72 hours.

When I work with my coaching student one of the things I noticed and was able to  isolate to one specific thing that was keeping him from the results he wanted to achieve. This skill was always locked inside of him and he had invested over $150,000 in education to achieve these results but could’t break through. Continue reading The One Thing That Holds Most People Back

The #1 Question to You Need to Ask to Get More Signups in Your Network Marketing Business

Do you know the #1 Question to Ask You Need to Answer to Get More Recruits and More Signups from People Who are Genuinely Interested in Your Products and Services?


One of the big things I talk with folks is the importance of understanding you need to answer in order to help people to get the most from your business?

Continue reading The #1 Question to You Need to Ask to Get More Signups in Your Network Marketing Business

Simple Video Script for Generating Leads & Sales

Want to know the BIGGEST SECRET to getting your prospects instantly building rapport with you before you ever pick up the phone to talk to you you?

Simple Video Script for Generating Leads and Sales
What is the key to building rapport and instant credibility with your prospects, to the point where they are practically ready to throw credit cards your way? Continue reading Simple Video Script for Generating Leads & Sales

3 Keys to Freedom Part 3

Watch how I chop up a “Top Shelf” Network Marketer in Itty Bitty Pieces! Read More….

In this Episode I am going to be covering Part 3 of the 3 Keys to Financial Freedom.

How do you systematize? 

Now that we have leads and sales…. your team might be stuck! They’re on the hamster wheel, they can’t keep representatives, or they can’t duplicate.

They are interrelated. What helps you become productive/successful is creating SYSTEMS!

What I do as a “systems guy” is to help you to work towards the strengths of the individuals on your team. Watch the video below.

Let’s say you have a TOP shelf network marketer who knows how to:

-Objection handle
-Answer questions
-Follow up

The challenge is you can only do so much by yourself. How do you pass those skills on to your team members? What happens to your frontline team members who don’t produce? They get frustrated and quit.

Prospecting needs to be one piece.
The presentation needs to be automated!
Objection & Q&A’s needs to go to a CLOSER
The follow up needs to go to a support rep.

Your front line people should focus on one thing and one thing ONLY!

The challenge is too many people are running around doing too many pieces themselves.

When someone is an excellent closer… they shouldn’t do mediocre presentations or graphics for lead generation.

That’s why it’s important to focus on the process. There are several steps in the PROCESS!

1. Leads
2. Conversions
3. Sales

At some point you will need to buy cold leads and put them through your funnel process.
You have your team members appointment set and drive prospects into the system.

Some will be good at different parts… traffic & prospects.
You take your prospects  from cold to curious!

They will eventually hear your AUTO SALES MESSAGE!
This is your automated presentation. This can be video sales letter or recorded webinar.

Your prospects will go through the following process.

They will go from cold & curious, to interested, to increased desire, passionate, and hopefully they will take an action.

Ultimately you want your prospects to be fired up to say, “here.. take my money!”

Other people will be interested and have a desire… but will have doubt, confusion, and questions that need to be answered.

This is where your closers come in to ask questions and objection handle.
Once you have conversions… scaling is EASY!

There are so many other things I touch on in many areas of my business. Watch the rest of the video on how we also developed standard operating procedures to run a multi million dollar business.

Once you watch the video and you’re interested in getting these systems implemented in your business…you can scale from there.

If you want to learn EXACTLY how why used these very systems to get kicked out of my network marketing opportunity click on the image below to watch the video.

How I got kicked out of my network marketing company