Blackbelt Recruiting for Network Marketing

One lesson from my martial arts background that’s made a huge difference in my recruiting is:

The Importance of FOCUS!


Robert Kiyosaki talks about it in his Rich Dad Poor Dad books as an acronym;

In martial arts, lack of focus can get you a broken nose (or worse). In your business, lack of focus (probably) won’t get you a bloody nose, but it may leave your recruiting lying flat on the floor.

It’s hard to build a massive team that way in network marketing.

It’s a week into 2017 and if you don’t already have a battle plan for taking your business to the next level…stop everything & do that right now. This short video will get you started.

I learned the importance of having a plan & mastering the NECESSARY SKILLS during my martial arts days… not only for martial arts but for also building a business. The one thing you must have as a is FOCUS!


The One Thing You Must Have is FOCUS!


Focus is Critical to Success in Network Marketing

Now, I know a lot of business owners start off with such a long list of things to learn
& actions to take. For many it’s hard to know where to focus first.

The good news is, if you use a “blueprint” to build your recruiting, you’ll know exactly when
& where to direct your focus:

Doing market research to identify your target audience
Creating a lead funnel from that audience
Connecting with those people
Closing new team members (or what we like to say… order taking)

It’s an ART….
(Like having a black belt in recruiting.)

“Awesome Greg, but I’ve never heard my sponsor mention these skills. How can I learn them?”

Great question. There actually IS a “business blueprint” that shows you these exact steps, in the right order, to take your recruiting to the next level. Not just to the next level, but to new heights.

You can get the details here.
Attention Network Marketer

Stay focused. Watch the video. TAKE ACTION!

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