Want a better invite script?

Want a Better Invite Script?

Would you like a better inviting strategy to get 80% of prospects to show up excited to your business opportunity?

You would like prospects excited for what you have to say?

One of the key components necessary to develop to be an effective marketer, recruiter, promoter, product salesperson, and business builder is the art of inviting.

Too many times I see people trained in the improper way to invite which is costing then lots of time and sales.

A key component to being a better inviter is simple.

In the past we’ve been told to leverage our relationships and curiosity and to say we’re busy. And even told to act busy or we don’t have time right now.

These Inviting Strategies are Old and Outdated

The problem is we’re not framing our prospects in way that is beneficial for them or that they show up excited for what we have to offer.

No one gets excited these days about being ambushed for an opportunity meeting.

That is no way to get people excited to get them to a live event, hotel meeting, home meeting, 3 way call, webinar, or whatever your next step is.

It is IMPERATIVE for You to Learn How to Properly Invite People to Your Business Opportunity

Back in the day this was effective strategy for getting hoards of people in because we used the weight of our relationship to get them to a live event.

When this happens this is awkward for your prospect. They become disgruntled for being caught off guard when they realize it’s a pitch for a business opportunity.

This is why it’s IMPERATIVE for you to learn how to properly invite people to your business opportunity, 3 way call, webinar, or house party PROPERLY!

I’m personally not a fan of sabotaging or the ambush style of marketing. It’s great when you are a beginner because it gets you in action.

Once you’re past the beginning stages of network marketing… you don’t want people to “maybe” show up. You want them to SHOW UP and BE EXCITED about what they’re hearing.

You don’t want them to show up wth the wrong framing, but you want them to show up EXCITED for what they are going to hear.

How do we invite people better? How do we get them framed properly for what we have to offer?

I have 2 preferences….
1. There’s the opportunity approach
2. There’s the product/service approach.

I look for folks to have a need want and desire for the RESULTS my products and services provides.

If my product is about weight loss and I have some friends who are overweight they have a need.

Unfortunately the “need”  is not enough. They need to have a DESIRE for the RESULTS. People are not looking to lose weight… they’re looking to lose weight BECAUSE__________ (Insert reason why here).

Your job is to figure out WHY they want to lose weight.
You want to look for people who are already on the path to the process.

For instance in the weight loss example… it’s the new year. There are people who have signed up for gym memberships. They are not just wanting the results, they’re already taking some type of action for taking the results we are talking about.

They are not just talking about getting the result, they are already DOING or TAKING ACTION towards the result. THIS IS KEY!

When you start the dialogue, it goes a little something like this…. HIT IT!
“Hey I see you’re looking to lose weight, what happened? Why are you taking the actions in the first place? Was it news from the doctor?”

Are they having health issues?

Once they reach the point of motivation…. THEN and ONLY THEN do you introduce the product or service.

My product helps people lose weight faster and get into shape quicker without giving up your favorite foods. If I could show you how to get that done would it be worth 10 to 15 minutes of your time?

A person is very interested now… because they have a need, a want, and is WILLING TO GO OUT AND GET THE RESULT!

Your job isn’t to motivate people. A body in motion stays in motion. It’s a law in physics. Your job is to take the people who are already moving in a direction to adjust the trajectory of the product or service you are trying to offer.

Here’s why I don’t go after distributors. I want people to become a product of the product. This ensures that you have actual customers consuming the product.

When you lead with the product or service who are looking for the benefits of the product or service, you are basically bringing them to your offer.

When they become raving lunatic fans of your product or services they are more likely to become distributors because of the products or services they’ve become passionate about.

Why did they become so passionate? Because of the RESULTS THEY GOT from the product.

Want an Effective Invite Strategy to Get Prospects to Your Events?

So let’s review:
1. Don’t invite every Tom, Dick, & Harry to your opportunity.
2. Focus on people who are have a want, need, or desire for the RESULTS of your product.
3. When is a good time we can get back together to answer all your questions and get you some information so you can see exactly what it is from start to finish.

If they are interested, motivated, and excited to hear more about what you are offering and they are capable of seeing the real value of your product or service you provide they will be EXCITED to learn more.

Thursday I will be showing you how to craft your invite script so you don’t have to ambush, blindside, or harass  your friends and family into going to your opportunity meeting.

Want to create your very own effective invite scrip? CLICK on the link below and I will build out this for your own business. Invite strategies you can use to get people to your events.

This is 100% FREE and will only be available to those who are there live. I will walk you through and how to implement it in your own business so you can recruit more people and build a business.


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